Universal Stable Blanket for horses
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72)  Universal Stable Blanket for horses

Price per piece
S:2 520 CZK
M:2 570 CZK
L:2 620 CZK
XL:2 670 CZK
XXL:2 720 CZK
VAT included prices

Universal Stable Blanket. The blanket is made from a functional material. This is a two-layer synthetic knit, where the two layers are separated by fine microfibers, between which there are air chambers. The same material is used in the manufacture of saddle pads, padding of the harnesses and halters. This material excels in high ability to evaporate moisture. Another feature of the material is good thermal insulation. The blanket has excellent anti-sweat features, quickly removing the sweat into the surface layer where, unlike with fleece blankets, there is no condensation of water droplets on the surface and thus the blanket remains dry.

Thanks to good thermal-insulating capacity of the blanket, this blanket can be used also as a lightweight warm stable blanket. The advantage is that after drying the horse out in the stables, there is no need to exchange it for another stable blanket.

Structure of the blanket: 1) Double front buckles, 2) Detachable straps for fastening under the belly – this feature enables fast covering of the horse during the races, etc., 3) The shape is copying the silhouette of the horse.



Universal stable blankets are available in black collor with colored piping. But it is possible to make the blanket in any color from our color chart.

Such an order, please e-mail expedice@manmat.cz

Colors / SizesS
125 cm
135 cm
145 cm
155 cm
165 cm
A : red
B : royal blue
C : pastel green (lime)
D : brown
E : yellow
F : black
G : purple
H : pink
L : bordo
N : grey
T : turquoise
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