Thermo protection boots for horses
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Horse riding equipment Leg protectorsThermo protection boots for horses

208)  Thermo protection boots for horses

Price per piece: 1 180 CZK
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Three-layer thermal protection boots. The outer layer is composed of synthetic fabric. The insulation layer is composed of micro porous foam. The bottom layer is composed of functional material used when manufacturing the saddle pads and sweat-free rugs.

When compared with fleece material, this material absorbs only minimal amount of water. With this feature, the thermal protection boots have minimal weight but high insulating ability.

Material composition and structure are protected by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic - 13225 - U1 - MTP B68 G 11/02. The material used is non-absorbent. Sandwich construction of the material is characterized by up to 10 times greater evaporation surface when compared to the classic natural materials.

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