Square Saddle pad - thin padding
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Horse riding equipment Saddle padsSquare Saddle pad - thin padding

52)  Square Saddle pad - thin padding

Price per piece
S:1 102 CZK
M:1 208 CZK
VAT included prices

Material composition and structure are protected by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic - 13225 - U1 - MTP B68 G 11/02. The material used is non-absorbent. Sandwich construction of the material is characterized by up to 10 times greater evaporation surface when compared to the classic natural materials. The tests found that there is minimal foaming under the saddle pad. The saddle pads dry quickly and are easy to maintain with a normal washing. The square saddle pad has reinforced padding on the withers.


The saddle pads are available in standard colors with black – colored piping. Upon request, we can tailor-make the color of the saddle pad or the color of the piping, depending on the available material. Furthermore, we can also make a custom embroidery on the saddle pad.

The delivery time for tailor-made products is extended for about 3 weeks. These changes must be agreed upon on the following number: +420739371380.

Available piping:

A – red

B – blue

C – green

D – white

E – beige

F – black

G – yellow

H – creamy

Colors / SizesS
pony size
length 60 cm, standard size
A : red
B : royal blue
C : pastel green (lime)
D : brown
E : yellow
F : black
G : purple
H : pink
J : orange
K : dark green
L : bordo
N : grey
O : white
T : turquoise
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