Ski Belt
Ski Belt

39)  Ski Belt

Price per piece: 960 CZK
VAT included prices

This belt is made from compressed, porous, water resistant materials and ensures good extended pulling power. It is recommended to fasten the belt around the hips in order to limit

pressure on stomach muscles. The belt features a unique "lowered pull force" design that helps to distribute the pull force to only the hip area covered by the belt as well as the buttocks. This eliminates pressure on the spine. Careful adjustment of the buttocks straps will bring the "lowered pull force" into play.

The most comfortable and professionally designed skijor belt on the market today. One size fits all. Comes in black color only. ManMat dog team logo embroidered on back side.

Belt costruction are protected by CZECH INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY OFFICE No.:1487/15816

Colors / Sizes
F : black
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