Pillows Comfort
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102A)  Pillows Comfort

Pillows Comfort
Price per piece
XS: 269 CZK
S: 397 CZK
M: 570 CZK
L: 771 CZK
XL: 916 CZK
VAT included prices

New material and design!

Pillows Comfort are very comfortable and practical pillows suitable for any dog. At home on the floor, in the car, crate or for travelling on the train made of high quality dralon, that is water and dirt resistant and doesn't absorb smells. If a liquid 'appears' on the bed it doesn't soak in.

Material dralon is for 'high maintenance dogs. It's very warm and protects against the chill coming from the floor.

Colors / SizesXS
60 x 40 cm
80 x 50 cm
100 x 55 cm
120 x 80 cm
140 x 75 cm
A : red - black
D : grey - black
E : bronze - black
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