Pad under the harness saddle
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92B)  Pad under the harness saddle

Price per piece: 496 CZK
VAT included prices

The pad is used to soften the harness but also to capture the sweat that destroys the harness.
The top layer is made of a polyester cloth; the padding is made of polypropylene foam and lower layer is made of a functional material. The pad can be attached to the harness by Velcro strips. The pad is always in black color with the possibility of a colored hem. For example, for marathon, this can be nicely combined to match the color of the leg protectors, bell boots and the ear bonnet. We are also taking requests for custom-made orders. These requests can be done by email.

Colors / SizesXS
11 x 40 cm
11 x 50 cm
11 x 60 cm
11 x 70 cm
A - black with red
B - black with blue
C - black with lime green
D - black with brown
E - black with yellow
F - black
G - black with purple
H - black with pink
J - black with orange
K - black with dark green
N - black with grey
O - black with white
T - black with turquoise
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