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05)  Long Distance Harness

Price per piece
A: 819 CZK
B: 819 CZK
C: 609 CZK
J: 819 CZK
R: 983 CZK
VAT included prices

Our new long distance harness is finally here! It has been designed with the priceless expertise of four time Iditarod champion Jeff King. The harness only reaches about half way down the dog's body, which eliminates the pressure on the dog's hips.

 Closed cell padding around the neck, adjustable body strap, and reflective tape. An excellent choice of harness for any dog with lower back problems! The material used for padding has been tested for wear, does not damage the dogs' hair, and is resistant to icing and moisture.

 Way of padding and type of padding are protected by CZECH INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY OFFICE – 13225 - U1 – MTP B68 G 11/02.

Colors / SizesXS
Girt of neck 37 - 40 cm
Girt of neck 41 - 44 cm
Girt of neck 45 - 48 cm
Girt of neck 49 - 52 cm
Girt of neck 53 - 56 cm
Girt of neck 57 - 60 cm
Girt of neck 61 - 64 cm
A : red-black pattern M-M
B : blue-black pattern M-M
C : green-black pattern M-Mout of stockout of stockout of stockout of stockout of stockout of stock
J : Reflex - blue -gray
R : pink
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