Light Weight Harness
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04)  Light Weight Harness

Price per piece
G: 716 CZK
H: 716 CZK
R: 859 CZK
VAT included prices

Made out of 1 inch wide light weight, extremely durable tubular webbing, with a smaller neck opening and longer body than our Standard Harness. Special breast plate design minimizes turning and "under arm" rubbing.

Light weight, open cell breathable TEBOX padding extends along the harness's entire length. This padding material is a MANMAT exclusive. This harness is designed to fit both hound crosses and Alaskan huskies.

Webbing is a multi colored design on a black background. Padding is black. The material used for padding has been tested for wear, does not damage the dogs' hair, and is resistant to icing and moisture.

PROPERTY OFFICE – 13225 - U1 – MTP B68 G 11/02.

Colors / SizesS
Girt of neck 33 - 36 cm
Girt of neck 37 - 40 cm
Girt of neck 41 - 44 cm
Girt of neck 45 - 48 cm
Girt of neck 49 - 52 cm
G : embroidery M-M red border
H : embroidery M-M blue border
R : pink
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