Lash Harness
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05)  Lash Harness

Price per piece: 879 CZK
VAT included prices

Harness LASH is a universal working harness for most dog breeds. Its main benefit is the setting of tension proportion between the chest part and the back part of the harness using a buckle. It is made in two variants – LASH and LASH LIGHT with a lighter top (made of mesh).

Material Composition:

LASH – bottom material = nylon, middle material = non-soaking PU foam, top material = PAD fabric.

Colors / SizesS
For Girt of neck 40 cm
For Girt of neck 42 cm
For Girt of neck 44 cm
For Girt of neck 46 cm
For Girt of neck 48 cm
SB: grey - blue
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