Hind protection boots
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Horse riding equipment Leg protectorsHind protection boots

206B)  Hind protection boots

Price per piece: 995 CZK
VAT included prices

The protection boots are made of a light non-absorbent foam that absorbs only minimal amount of water. After a contact with water the bell boots remain light and the Velcro strap closure ensures that boots remains secure and do not do not open.

The material is highly durable and tough. The bell boots are available for both front and hind legs.

You can order either a pair or a set of four bell boots.

The protection boots can be ordered in a set together with the bell boots.

The protection boots as well as the bell boots are made of the same material and in the same colours.

We sew the bell boots in all sizes: S – pony, M – cob, L – full, XL - extra full.

For further information, please call +420739371380.

Price is for pair.

Perimeter of protection boots (cm)

Size S 16 17 18
Size M 18 19 21
Size L 20 21 22
Size XL 22 23 24

Heigh of protection boots - front (cm)

Size S 20
Size M 23
Size L 25
Size XL 27

Heigh of protecton boots - back (cm)

Size S 23
Size M 26
Size L 28
Size XL 30

Colors / SizesS
extra full
A : black - red colored piping
B : black - blue colored piping
C : black - lime green colored piping
D : black - brown colored piping
E : black - yellow colored piping
F : black - black colored piping
G : black - purple colored piping
H : black - pink colored piping
J : black - orange colored piping
K : black - dark green piping
O : black - white colored piping
T : black - tarquoise colored piping
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