Harness RUN
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Harness RUN

Harness RUN
Price per piece
C: 856 CZK
D: 856 CZK
E: 856 CZK
R:1 027 CZK
VAT included prices

Harness RUN limited coloured edition, Limited edition – new

New coloured harness for individual disciplines (canicross, scooter, bicycle) with reflective elements. The harness is suitable for all types of small and medium-sized breeds of dogs.

This harness is suitable for dogs with whom you start working in these disciplines. On this harness the dog is easier to handle at early stages of the training.  

The harness can be bought together with a belt, canicross line, collar and a leash – all in the same colour combination – to match the dog with the canicross athlete.

A “New” item is also a possibility of having a PATCH  with the name of the dog, phone number of the owner or the flag of a country. The patch can be ordered as a separate item at our e-shop. Please indicate the text of the patch in the notes of the order.

The harnesses are made of 100% polypropylene. Material for padding has been tested for rubbing, does not damage the dog hair, does not freeze and is minimally absorbent.

Colors / SizesXXS
Girt of neck 33 - 36 cm
Girt of neck 37 - 40 cm
Girt of neck 41 - 44 cm
Girt of neck 45 - 48 cm
Girt of neck 49 - 52 cm
Girt of neck 53 - 56 cm
Girt of neck 57 - 60 cm
Girt of neck 61 - 64 cm
C: Green (silver)
D: Reflective orange (silver)
E: Alpine blue (silver)
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