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41A)  CANICROSS belt

Price per piece
A: 899 CZK
C: 899 CZK
D: 899 CZK
E: 899 CZK
F: 899 CZK
R:1 079 CZK
VAT included prices

CANICROSS belt LIMITED edition – new design

The belt is suitable for all individual disciplines. The advantage of this belt is the point adjustability according to your requirements. The belt can be placed either on the level of loins or on the level of hips.

The belt is variable in such a way that you can attach to it either a canicross line with a classical snap or with a panic snap.

Another possibility is to attach the canicross line “MANMAT” that has a big ring at the end for threading it through the belt.

Colors / SizesS
For children
For adults
A : red
C : green
D : reflective orange
E : alpine blue
F : black
R : pink
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