Blanket for carriage horses
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Horse riding equipment Stable blanketsBlanket for carriage horses

202)  Blanket for carriage horses

Price per piece: 1 695 CZK
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The composition and design is based on horse’s needs. The blanket is specially designed not to disturb the horse during the work and at the same time to provide protection from wind, snow and rain. You can use this blanket from spring to autumn when it often rains and snows. The blanket will keep your horse’s back dry and warm. The use of synthetic materials will be appreciated especially during their maintenance. For safety reasons, reflective elements are sewed on the blankets and there is also a tail cord. The blanket can be attached to the back band, but also from the sides or under the tail. The size shown in the table is the length of the blanket back. This product is available in black color with a possibility of a colored hem.

Colors / SizesS
pony 81 cm
cob 115 cm
full 125 cm
A - black with red
B - black with blue
C - black with green
E - black with yellow
F - black
G - black with grey
H - black with white
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