Manmat protectors and bell boots

Manmat protectors and bell boots

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What does the world’s top driver Theo Timmerman say about our products?

Boots and bell-boots MANMAT

I have been cooperating with MANMAT since 2014 and I am truly satisfied with their products. At the beginning I got attracted by the material used for boots and bell-boots due to the fact it does not make the horse’s tendons overheat. I have helped to fine tune the system for holding the leg protectors on the horses legs and I must say that we have never lost a single piece even in the most difficult marathon competitions, or during the frequently difficult indoor shows.

Other than the leg protectors, we are daily using different types of horse blankets from this manufacturer. Once again, we see the largest value of the product in the material used. This is especially true with the light blankets which can be used after washing the horses and do not need to be replaced once the horse dries out – the material lets the water through, the horse is dry and we have the work saved by not changing the wet blankets all the time. Given the number of horses we work with, this is quite some help for us.

I look at MANMAT as the manufacturer which uses modern technologies, listens to the suggestions of its product users and constantly works on improving the product. Due to this approach I am quite satisfied with the brand and believe that the other drivers across different competition levels see the vaule of the product as well. 

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