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  Do you like sports and have a dog? If so, think about canicross. Canicross is run by a person with a dog as a team. It's a great sport that gets you up and out, forcing you to do something meaningful with your four-legged friend. The advantage of this canine sport is that your dog doesn’t need any special training. Running is a perfectly natural thing for dogs, and whether they pull or not is really not so important for recreational purposes. The important thing is the commitment and desire to run, and how much both of you will come to look forward to this time together. If your dog will pull, you will be surprised at how strong they are as they develop muscle and endurance, and what they are capable of. Canicross offers a lot of challenges including running hills, so you must prepare and train. If you do, the rewards you both feel of working together and bonding while being on the trail will be well worth it.

What do you need to start? The answer is not much. First a dog that likes to run and spend time with you, of which any size or breed is ok. The equipment necessary includes a canicross belt, which is a broad, padded belt with two straps for the legs that rest under the buttocks. The belt is designed to help pull you along without back pain. Good running shoes are essential for your feet. Then a suitable harness that fits correctly on the dog, and a bungee leash to connect the belt on the runner with the harness on the dog. Ideally the dog will run in front and pull, but if the dog runs beside you as a companion, most people are still quite happy. For people who are not experienced with the equipment, guidance will be necessary to learn about the proper fitting and style options of harnesses, as well as getting the other equipment. Once this is done, you are set to hit the trail with your best friend!

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