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3. Sportovní víkend Makej s Manmatem
3. Sportovní víkend Makej s Manmatem
Na třetím sportovním víkendu s Manmatem se konečně závodně plavalo. Více informací se dočtete v celém článku.
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Harnesses for dogs

Our company “Manmat” specializes on manufacture and sale of high-quality equipment for dogs and offers genuine dog harnesses, dog collars and other accessories for dogs. We have been manufacturing the dog harnesses since 1992, and after 20 years of co-operation with the leading Czech and foreign mushers, we became the world leader in the field. In our wide range of products, you will find dog harnesses with various specifications such as – harness for sledging, guiding, canicross, dog trekking, skijoring, and harness for assistance and guide dogs. All dog harnesses are made of 100% polypropylene. The material for padding is tested for wear, does not damage the dog’s hair, does not freeze and absorbs only minimum of water. The dog harnesses of our brand “MANMAT” are used by many stars in the world of mushing. Our representatives are selling harnesses for dogs and other “MANMAT” products such as horse-riding equipment, i.e. saddle pads, worldwide.

Equipment for dogs

We manufacture and supply a variety of accessories for dogs. In addition to dog harnesses, that are our main specialization, we also offer other accessories for dogs such as various types of dog collars and leashes. Other accessories available in our assortment are, for example, thermo suits, belts for mushers, sled lines, sled anchors, bags for snacks and others.

Collars for dogs

From our assortment you can choose dog collars in many variations. Dog collars are made in several variations: fixed, semi-choke, padded and special with a large ring for easy handling when wearing gloves. All dog collars in our assortment are adjustable.

Horse-riding equipment

Since 2002, we have also been focusing on specialized horse-riding equipment. In our horse-riding assortment you can find functional saddle pads that are made of a unique material. We also offer padded halters, headbands with fringes, stable blankets, leg protectors and many other products.

Saddle pad

Saddle pad is one our main horse-riding product that we are focusing on. The saddle pad is made of non soaking material that has 10 times bigger evaporation area than natural materials. The saddle pad is available in various types and sizes. It can be with either with a lengthwise padding on the back of the horse or with a small padding in the front. You can also choose the saddle pad according to the type of the saddle – turistic, dressage, cross, endurance, jumping and others.